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Advice for 1st time cruise on Britannia

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Hi all, looking at booking our first cruise in March, on Britannia to 'Iberia' 7 days.

Me hubby and kids aged 6 & 4, looking at and early saver price for a deluxe balcony room and a few questions...

How much is parking if not included already?

How much is soft drinks package?

Any other add on extras at the time of booking to budget for?

Any other tips/advice gratefully received. Thanks

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Parking with CPS at the port is £89 for 7 days. The are slightly cheaper options outside the port.

Other extras you should budget for are gratuities at £5.50pppd so that's £77 for 7 nights.

Drinks are chargeable at the various bars. Tea and coffee (and biscuits) is available in your cabin and in the self service 24hours at no cost. Speciality coffees are chargeable.

This link tells you what is included in your fare.


The children's clubs are brilliant on P&O for your child's ages


Note there is a night nursery for under fives where you can leave your child and collect them later - up to 2am in fact. You are given a pager so the staff can contact you if your child does not settle. There is no charge for this.


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I should add that there is a children's tea served in the self service around 5/5:30pm. You could let your 6 year old go to the kids club after and your younger one to the night nursery leaving you free for the evening. You can of course still take your children to the main restaurant or self service if you wish. You have the option to do either.


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Hi there Flowerfi,

You can add a soft drinks package on which is £35pp and that allows 20 large draught drinks per person.

I had this and asked for an extra glass and just split it to be honest

If I was having a Vodka, my sister would have a large lemonade and I would use some of hers. it definitely cuts costs for my sister as Mocktials are £4.00 each.

P&O are great for family cruising, id go as far to say the best :)

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Tips from grandma who took our daughter and son in law and three girls aged 10, 6 and 4 with them! The girls had non spill cups with them and we took a bottle of squash for cabin use. At breakfast up in the buffet, orange, apple and pineapple juice is usually on until at least 1130am. Tea and coffee all day is free up there but obviously not in any Costa Coffee bars..Iced water is freely available in the main dining room . If you ask at the bars anywhere for a glass of iced water they will give it to you free of charge. Each girl was in a different kids club and we thought the little one would object but they absolutely adored what they did in their three clubs and could not have cared less that their sisters was not there.There is nothing for the children to play on in the rest of the ship, not like Royal C, Carnival etc.


Our routine was breakfast either in main dining room or buffet, off ship in the morning until lunch time, usually a walk round a little town or a taxi independently.Buy water last thing or a bottle of wine to take aboard. Lunch on ship with the children in the main dining room, or if late back in the buffet. Afternoon a couple of hours in the kid's club, miss afternoon tea or they did not eat their evening meal, then all get ready for the evening in the cabin, they had quiet time with books, tv or Barbies, then if we wanted to eat in peace in the mdr, or watch a show, they went to the club again, or we all ate in the buffet.


In the main dining room at lunch time the smaller two sometimes went half under the table, which horrified me -well at least they were not annoying people. Tthey had their own special menu if you ask, and the waiters did not turn a hair, joked with them and called them "princess" which they loved. Sometimes they could barely eat they needed to get back to their friends in the kid's club! These are really safe and parents have to sign them out. We never let them run ahead of us because of flights of stairs, lifts and the perimeter of the ship are hazards. It may not be warm enough on deck to swim though at the time of year you are going. On the television there are children's programmes and the showers in the cabins are sometimes fixed up high. Toiletries are good, White company, but take their usual simple soap if they have sensitive skin. No towels are needed at all on deck or otherwise. Take either a laundry tablet or hand laundry wash as they usually have washing machines and tumble dryers, irons on a couple of decks amongst the cabins.


Apart from wi fi and parking you can adjust tips off at reception the first day if that is your choice and then give tips on the last day to your normal waiter and cabin boy which some people do. Drinks are the same price as in UK pubs which is really reasonable and you just offer the waiter your club card/door key entry and sign a chitty. The girls only saw two shows which were the dancing and acrobatic types, other shows were not suitable for them, they would have fidgeted although they usually last just 45 mins. They do have mini discos and a different entertainment programme for the children and you can see each day what they will need. There is a lot of climbing on bean bags so shorts and t shirts are best. Some children put their pj's on in the evening after dinner in the kids club and then they were ready for bed.


These holidays are much more relaxing for the adults and more interesting seeing new places too. A fun time for all ages.We like places that are smaller and we can walk around directly from the ship or taxi to a beach as small children cannot always cope with trips on coaches.

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