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What is the most common question you are asked by fellow guests

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Usually  we are asked where are you from and have you cruised before. We've also never been asked how much we've paid and I would never dream of asking anyone that myself.

Ditto! No one has ever asked how much we paid, and I wouldn't tell them if they did. It would only make one of us unhappy and it is no one's business.

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I have been asked the dreaded "how much?" question before but I politely refused to answer and I think they understood that I was not interested in having that conversation so they thankfully left it alone. I find it a stupid and pointless conversation. You're either going to be frustrated or pleased with the outcome but it will always be at someone else's or your own expense so what's the point? Whatever you've paid, you're all in the same boat now, literally! Just enjoy it and get on with your holiday.


As for the "have you cruised before?" question, I've lost count how many times I've been asked this but I find that I never really mind. It's always a good ice-breaker that many passengers on board use so why not? I've answered it many times but it's always a nice conversation to have, usually anyway, unless the other passengers are not enjoying themselves in which case it can turn into a negative moan fest, which is where I usually remember I need to be somewhere else and make a swift exit!

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I have a broad Cornish accent and am always asked if I come from Devon, I always make sure I tell them ' no me ansome'   tis the other side of the  Tamar'  and when we have afternoon tea with scones and cream,  I always get asked which way is the correct way to put the cream on under or over the jam?  well of course I say jam first cream on top.  no other way to us Cornish .CG 

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