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Celebrity Constellation with £49 flight!

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Have received an email offer from my TA for the Celebrity Constellation, an 11 nights cruise around Italy and Croatia etc and the flight from London Gatwick is only £49 each!!! Early September, 8th


No idea who it's flying with but the whole cruise with flights, coach transfers to ship and cruise iteself is £709 each blink.png  

I'm presuming its an inside cabin but still, good price!


Would you be tempted for that price? Ive not sailed aboard Constellation before.. is it an 'old' ship?


I may ring & see who the flights are with (probably someone ive never heard of!)



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We cruised on the 'Connie' for New Year 2008 to the Southern Caribbean. It was a fantastic cruise on a fantastic ship. We loved the layout of the ship and the size, just over 2,000 paxs. The ship has been in service since 2002, however it was just recently refurbished. Sounds like a great deal!


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We were on Constellation last spring.  She is an older ship, but in very good shape.  We like the size and layout of this class of ship, and are sailing on the Millennium, a sister ship in September.  Americans seem to be very nervous about Europe at the moment and many are cancelling cruises, so probably last minute space has opened up, leading to some bargain prices.

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I just wanted to update you as I did phone to enquire about the flights, surprisingly they were direct with British Airways, leaving Gatwick at 8.25 am and returning into Gatwick at 16.50 pm. There were other airports available at a similar cost (approx £50 more) like Manchester but Gatwick was the cheapest.


The bad news is after mulling it over for a few days while we've been away for the weekend I've phoned again last night and all the cheap flight seats are gone :( It's now only available from Birmingham but we're talking nearly £300 each more!


So, the moral of the story kids is if you see a bargain and you want to go....book it there and then! I blame the husband for wanting to 'have a think about it' rolleyes.gif

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