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What can I say but WOW! we travelled on Riviera for 10 nights for the first time July 2016. this cruise line is incredible.
For my husbands job we get to eat at many a fancy restaurant but non of those compared to the standard of the food on Oceania. I absolutely loved the fact we got all the speciality restaurants for FREE and the choice of food is unlike anything I have ever experience on a cruise line
The level of service was second to non to the point of we actually felt like we were on a private yacht. a prime example was I went for a swim and when I returned my sunbed had been straightened out, my towel had been replaced and a fresh glass of iced water placed at the side!!! 
We have been on Azamara before and loved the relaxed atmosphere, food and service but comparing the two cruise lines I would always swing more towards Oceania now
the down side was being a smaller ship of only 1200 passengers there was not a great deal of entertainment on-board, however we knew this as we had done the smaller ships before. to be honest it didn't bother us as the ship docked in until late most nights and dinner is such an occasion, masses of entertainment is not needed

Thankfully we got the drinks package before we embarked it was £38 pppd but this was for literally anything from cocktails, champagne, top shelf whiskies, gin, wines and beers etc....! (comparing it to companies like Celebrity and Royal Caribbean at the same price much more was included with Oceania, unlike the other brands they don't put a monetary restriction on drinks ie: up to 'x' amount per glass you had everything on the menu)
pricing examples; champagne $15.95 per glass, cocktails ran from around $11-15 depending on what you want, glasses of wine $11 -17 per glass, all of these come with a lovely 18% gratuity on top so I would defo recommend the drinks package!

I am already looking again for next years Oceania cruise and literally did not want to get off. worth every penny and we didn't spend a penny on board.











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