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Well I really enjoy reading the latest magazine from Bolsover Cruise Club and have picked up some useful tips and ideas for various countries and ships .

Given the odd typo error or spelling mistake I enjoy the articles ,but was really taken by surprise with the latest issues faux pas .

On reading the article about Cunard I was amused to read it was the favourite cruiseline for Her Royal Highness the Queen !!!! Sorry Mr/Ms proofreader bang goes your knighthood /Dameship for not correctly addressing Her Majesty properly .Oh well never mind I was amused even if Her Majesty would not have been .

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Well spotted! Though on the subject of typos, spaces typically come after punctuation, rather than before. Every day is a school day :) 


I'm counting down to my first cruise holiday and whilst I can't comment on whether it is Liz or the corgi's favourite ship, I certainly like the look of Cunard based on what I have seen of the refurb in the article. 

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I think its very good that you are so protective over the forum and of Bolsover!




Also very daunting to new members.


Entertaining none the less.


I do think if the above post was posted by a long standing member we would have had a good laugh about it. happy.png

People do need to have something to say to join the forum - whether it be moaning, boasting, praising etc -  ITS ALL CRUISE.... let it be.. enjoy

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