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On arrival in Lisbon I was so impressed with how the ship looked, although a small ship she did seem bigger than what I was expecting. It certainly had the 'wow' factor, and that was before we even stepped on board!


Walking from my cabin to the ship I managed to take in the surrounding areas of the ship, and it was so beautifully decorated and very light which made it feel even more spacious. On arrival to the buffet I was again really impressed, it wasn’t like any other ship I had been on where there were crowds of people, it was very calm and the food was set out on one long station and although there was plenty of choice, you weren't over faced with a silly amount of food. The quality of the food was out of this world, so fresh and you could again have things cooked to you're liking. I would definitely recommend the home made ice cream and cookies!! The wine waiter came round continuously and you're glass was never empty…again a bonus! We were sat on the terrace overlooking the Infinity Pool whilst we had lunch and the setting was so nice.


I dined on the first evening in Manfredi's Italian Restaurant. All through the day I over heard guests raving about the Steak, im not a fan of Steak normally but had to try it to see what the fuss was about…it was delicious, literally melted in you're mouth! The portions are huge though and although I enjoyed the Calimari starter, I was too full by the time the main arrived…although having said that I did manage to order two deserts  as I couldn’t make my mind up as to which one to have, I shared them of course


The Spa on board is like no other Spa I have been  to or seen before, the pool thermal beds and steam room along with the Scandinavian Snow Grotto are all free to use. The Snow Grotto is so unusual, and a real USP for the ship. I stepped  into it, sat down for a second on the seat that was provided and then left rather quickly, I think I got frost bite it was that cold!! When you enter the changing rooms for the Spa there are lockers with towels, bathrobes and slippers provided. You locked the locker with your own key card which was different and they also had a complimentary swimming costume dryer, very clever idea.


 I decided to have some lunch round the pool and order from the poolside menu, there was so much choice and again the food was yummy. The pool area itself wasn’t overly big but had enough loungers and some really comfy sofa's that most guests were sat on whilst having a drink or something to eat.


I then ate at the 'Chef's Table' on the second evening , I was shocked to learn there was no surcharge for this as it was such an experience. The Chef's Table is a taster Menu which changed every three days, and was a 7 course taster menu, the food was so different and I can only begin to describe the food as what someone like Heston Blumenthel would create. Each course was then accompanied by a different wine to match the dish.


Afternoon Tea in the Winter Garden seemed to be very popular. The Winter Garden itself is set just close to the pool area, it has very comfy sofa's and a see-through roof which has a wooden effect  design to it. It was a nice place to relax, and again the Afternoon Tea was complimentary which offered at least 15 types of tea, finger sandwiches and cream cakes.


I would have no hesitation in sailing on this ship again, it was an amazing experience!!!

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