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Has anyone visited Abu Dhabi?

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Yes yes yes you will not be dissapointed Cruise Chef!! I had family who lived in Abu Dhabi for two years and was lucky enough to visit a few times. If you are a F1 fan Yas island is a must do and if you are feeling fit you can rent bikes and ride the track! if you want something more sedate overlooking the course, Skylite the rooftop bar of the viceroy is stunning. The Palace hotel is another must do and judging by your name its well worth stopping here for lunch/dinner, If you have an overnight call. the pastries in the main atrium are heavenly, and if you have time, Hakkasan the Chinese resteraunt creates unbelieveble taste combinations. If you have time, Etihad towers opposite the Palace hotel has a bar called Ray's close to the top floor offering sweeping views along the coastline and out to sea, they also play some fantastic jazz music in the evenings.


And thats me just getting started!!


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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I have been twice, First time over 20 years ago when it was still a dessert town with an amazing souk area, and recently in 2014 whilst on a world cruise. It is now a much more built up place and the old souk area is no more. However it is really nice and not as glitzy as Dubai. Abu Dhabi is far more wealthy than Dubai as a country and it was their President , Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan; that saved Dubai from financial collapse a few reas ago . Hence the name of Burj Khalifa.
It is the capital of the Emirates. Very prosperous and not all high rise buildings as in Dubai.
We took a tour from the ship and it was the best thing to do. No one walks around the streets in Abu Dhabi or Dubia as it is far too hot. We did a tour and the main event was to visit the SKEIK ZAYED MOSQUE. It was out of this world and well worth the visit. The carpet alone which covers the floor is the largest in the world and the opulence and beauty of the building is breathtaking. Do not miss this! Just to add if you do this make sure you wear the correct clothing as no flesh has to be seen so long sleeves and ankles must be covered and a head scarf for a lady. They are very strict and do not wear long white trousers as frowned upon.
We past by the and stopped near the Palace Hotel for photos. We never went inside but having been in the Atlantis in Dubai and many more wonderful hotels I did not feel we had missed out on it . Saw lots of things from camels to beautiful streets with interesting statues as we drive from one place the next. I recommend doing a tour if you are on a cruise and do not have much time there.

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