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In October you are looking at either The Med., or The Caribbean. Then decide if you want to fly or not. If not you are looking at cruises leaving from Southampton. If prepared to fly are you looking for short haul (The Med.) or long haul.

The cruise lines themselves are much of a muchness. Cunard tend to most formal, NCL the least formal. The others in between.

Look at the itineraries and see which appeals most.

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In October you have the choice of the Mediterranean, Canaries or Caribbean. October is also the month when cruise lines reposition their ships from Europe to the Caribbean so you can sail out and fly back. P&O offer flights back to various airports including Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester. They also offer a free coach connection from your airport to Southampton so you can park your car at your airport ready for when you arrive back, if this is of any use to you. Brian

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I've only been cruising for a couple of years so am rather a novice & there are plenty of "experts" out there but here are a couple of observations that I've made. Bear in mind I travel alone so not quite the same perspective as travelling as a couple!!

* Book a cabin in the middle of a ship on a deck with cabins above & below you!! I always have an inside cabin as it's a lot cheaper

than an outside/balcony cabin, & bear in mind how much time you spend in your cabin!!........not a lot!

* I always go for freedom dining if possible, the thought of being on a table with people I have nothing in common with, for an entire holiday, fills me with horror! I have done non-freedom dining once & it was fine!! Freedom will also give you the choice of a table for 2 or 8 each night!

* if part of the deal is free parking or on board spend, I always go for the former as it's about £10/day to park at Southampton, my first cruise I opted foe the on-board spend = big mistake!

* On P & O you can take alcohol on board with you to consume in your cabin, a little pre dinner aperitif is nice as you're getting ready!

My first cruise was on Azura to the Central Med & I loved it! Hope you enjoy your trip & hope this has been of some help!

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Hi  Welcome to the forum Carol K.   It's impossible to suggest a cruise line which will meet your expectations without some knowledge of the type of ambience you expect.  Unfortunately it's a case of the more money you are prepared to pay the "better" the product.  Do you wish to fly to the destination to pick up the cruise ship, is a formal ambience important, do you expect fine dining or is 24/7 entertainment important?  Unless you state your preferences nobody can really offer sensible advice.

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I have to agree with Land Ahoy.  What aspect of cruising has attracted you to it?  What sort of experience do you hope for?


There's a wide range of options available and without knowing your tastes it would be very difficult to make a recommendation.


If you want some reading, I've written a daily blog on Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Infinity, Splendour of the Seas, and Anthem of the Seas.  You can read them by clicking on each ship name.  I try to just tell it like I see it and there are loads of photos to illustrate the blogs.  It might give you an idea of what those lines offer, and that might help formulate the sorts of things you'd like to see on a cruise and the aspects that you'd like to avoid.

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