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WOW! Just seen on the news this morning, Harmony of the Seas has arrived!

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I agree with you on the queue's samfox but I saw a comment on another thread on here yesterday that I completely agree with. I think people booking a cruise on Harmony would be going primarily for the ship and not the destinations. I'd also imagine that Royal Caribbean will try and operate the ship in as many ports that it can actually fit into as possible to avoid any tender delay issues.


I'm sure this must have been one of the things at the top of the list when planning it's build. Surely they must have thought about it but I guess you never know.


I'd love to give it a try just to see how it is. Some of the facilities look amazing.

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I'd love to cruise on Harmony! I've seen many negative comments on the ship, but it's all down to personal perference and the cruising experience you're looking for. I think the ship has got something for everyone, and is perfect for families and the younger generation of cruising. I also agree with Sammy Sun's comment, and I too think that the majority of people who have booked or will be booking a cruise on Harmony of the Seas would primarily be going to experience the ship.

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