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Celebrity excellence

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I must say that Celebrity are possibly the cleanest vessels we have ever sailed in. There is often a staff member in each toilet wiping down and disinfecting for each person entering the toilet. They stand by the buffet door with gel and also near the restaurant indicating the gel. The standards are exceptional - however on the transfer from Rome airport last holiday the woman behind us in the minibus was unwell and when we got to the embarkation tent I am sure she would not have declared her illness. Another on the coach (8 passengers) said they saw the husband round the ship the next day and he said she was still ill. On the last day of our holiday we were talking to people in the Martini Bar and one man sneezed all over the coffee table. Then we travelled home, and I got a ghastly cold, then my partner got it too. There are still inconsiderate people around.


On our last Oriana holiday lst November the toilets were blocked by the MDR and the smell of sewage was horrendous just before a meal. They stopped the hot air hand blowers. Each day a toilet was blocked or out of order in the main areas. I often saw people sliding out of the loos without washing their hands and of course there was a virus on board. We were clear fortunately.

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Because of the immune system weakening drugs that I take I am extra careful these days. It never ceases to amaze me how idiotic some people are with regard to personal hygiene: it's not as if it take long to wash your hands or sneeze into a tissue.



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