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What currency to take to the Baltic?

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Can anyone advise onhe currency I should take to the Baltic? I am going on a few trips and, if ashore on our own, will only probably by a cup of coffee. I have the usual credit and debit cards as well as euros which will be ok for a couple of stops. I just cannot get in my head the need to take a further 5 different currencies!

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We have been on Baltic cruises 3 times and euros were accepted by street sellers in Russia with no problem and taken a small amount for use in Denmark and Sweden the rest were all euros anyway.  Problem is if you purchase small items/coffee in Denmark/Sweden/Poland you have to ask if they will take euros, which isn't always guaranteed, and if they do the exchange rate will be strongly in their favour so make already expensive items even more so. You have to weigh up the pros and cons of taking £50 in local currency per country or risking paying well over the odds or wanting to buy something and they wont accept euros.

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