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Thank you for your comments Sammy Sun,


I have considered these two cruise lines, as we do like our fine luxury holidays and also going to exquisite destinations.  Yes I quite agree, Seabourn do look a little more luxurious, my wife and I are thinking of something for the year of 2017, somewhere possibly further afield, in the exotic regions. I don't suppose one has seen anything that looks particularly interesting?

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Hi   Welcome to the forum.  I have sailed with Seabourn, Silversea and Crystal but unfortunately not Regent.   All the three 6* star lines offer a great cruise experience but they do have differences.  Silversea and Crystal have formal nights whereas Seabourn and Regent are country club casual.  The "normal" suites on Seabourn and Siversea are larger than those on Crystal but  they are all tastefully decorated.  The food on all three is well above that served on most cruise lines but I do think Crystal is just a little ahead of the other two but I would happily eat on all three.  The entertainment is limited on all three lines but again Crystal comes out on top, the daytime educational courses are very good (I did a Photoshop course and learnt things I didn't know the programme was capable of, in addition it's free).  I think your choice of potential cruise lines is excellent but just a warning, you will find that if you then chose to sail on a mainstream cruise line in future you may be underwhelmed by the experience.  I hope somebody can give you some feedback on Regent.

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