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Hello everyone!


I'm Caroline and I love cruising! I'm currently planning a cruise holiday for my husband's 60th birthday with our children and grandchildren.


My favourite place to cruise to is the Caribbean although I also love the Med!


I've never been on a Baltic cruise but would love to go on one.


Look forward to hearing more from everyone else!



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Welcome to the forum Caroline!


The med is also a favourite of mine, I recently returned from a trip taking in Rome and Barcelona on the Norwegian Epic which was fantastic although quite expensive - especially when in a large group!

Have you decided on which cruise line you're going with? I've heard the new Norwegian Breakaway ships have lots to keep the kids entertained...while the parents and grandparents head to the bar ;)


Personally my next choice will be the Fjords. Hoping to go there with my wife in the next few years, apparently it's not to be missed!

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Nice to meet you Caroline!


I'm new too - will have to do an intro thingy won't I?!


Whereabouts are you guys hoping to go on your cruise? Location is a big deal when you're trying to decide which line would be best. Plus how old are your grandchildren? My kids are 10 and 13 and love going on Carnival cruises - we're off to Miami in August, can't wait!

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Nice to meet you everyone :rolleyes:


At the moment I am biased towards South America with Royal Cab Splendor OTS or MSC Poesia (not a line I've been with before). The young ones are all under 6 so relatively easy to entertain and tire out (I'm hoping!) but a kids club on board would be very welcome!


Thanks Chris, I have just taken a look at the NW Breakaway which certainly looks like it would keep the young ones busy! And the spa doesn't look too shabby to me either :D


Miami will be fantastic carnivalqueen! Who are you going with? Let us know how it goes!

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