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Loyalty Points

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Any idea why P&O have changed their "Loyalty Points" system so drastically?


To achieve 10% "On board discount spend" now requires 2001 points or 200 cruise days, an increase of 1000 points or 100 cruise days!


I have contacted P&O and the reply received was that they had changed the name of the Club from "The P&O Cruises Portunus Club" to the "P&O Cruises Peninsular Club" - so does this explain it! I think not.

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The new P&O loyalty club was formed to introduce new tiers as, unlike airline loyalty points, cruise points do not expire with time. Therefore a cruiser's points just keep adding up and up making the old top tier or Gold tier over full. Now there is still the equivalent of the old Gold tier but there is also 2 new upper tiers which you now qualify for on a 'number of nights cruised in the previous 'x' years' basis.

Capn Bob

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I have also queried my Loyalty points with P & O recently as I had originally been a Posh Club member prior to the Portunis & Peninsular clubs .I completely lost all my Posh Club points and was awarded only 100 points for cruises prior to the year 2000 to carry forward into the Portunis Club.I have sailed with P & O on lots of cruises but have still not attained the top level as they keep changing the top level criteria.

However I have also sailed with Celebrity cruises and have attained their top level with far fewer cruises.

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