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We used SPB last summer they were excellent, we did the deluxe tour. Alla tours are also v good, both companies do the same tours and are the same price. SPB do a restaurant meal the first day and Alla give you a picnic lunch. That are the only difference we could find. You get to see more than on the ships tours and they are considerably cheaper. You pay nothing in advance you pay in cash on the day- euros or dollars whichever you arrange. If you want any more information PM me.

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We contacted SPB, Alla and TJ Tours before booking.  They all responded promptly and offered almost identical itineraries and prices.  We chose SPB because they seemed to be more receptive to planning for our three generation family group (ages 7 - 70)  and we were very happy with their service.  All three offer the choice of a private tour for your group, or joining a small group assembled by the tour company.  The second option would be more economical for a couple or a small group, but you do not have the opportunity to customize.  People we spoke to on board were happy with Alla Tours.    You do have to plan ahead because they need your passport information for the letter they email to you to show at the control point when leaving the port.  I would highly recommend SPB Tours.

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I'm interested in booking a tour through one of the local companies recommended, but I have a question about the amount of walking on these tours as my wife has difficulty in walking


Email the companies and ask how they can accommodate your needs.  Once you find out what each one can offer you can make a decision.  They all seem to communicate well in English.  You may find that they can tailor a tour for you, but it may be quite expensive for just two people.  Alternatively they can tell you how much walking is involved in their regular tours.  I hope you can find something suitable that will enable you to enjoy this amazing city.



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