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What to do if you get left behind!

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We've all seen the video's on YouTube of cruise passengers legging it down the gangway just in time, or not in time in some cases!


(here's one just in case you haven't)




But what if the worst DOES actually happen?  Would you know what to do? (Apart from sheer and total panic of course, then finding a bar and sinking something strong rather quickly)


Here are some handy tips I have come across...!


 Take photocopies of your passport out with you! No one would advise you to wander around with your actual passport in your pocket, but at least having a copy of it with you may speed things up if you need to change countries to catch up with your ship!


 Keep a list of important contacts on you when you leave the ship - the main ones to remember are:

    *Your cruise ship's port agent - this can be found on the daily schedule delivered to your cabin and changes per port so make sure you update it each day!

    * Your cruise lines UK contact number - they will be able to contact your cruise line representative/ship for you.

    *The emergency contact number for your travel insurance company - you should make sure your cruise insurance covers being left behind too....!


 First and foremost - Go and find the local port agent - these are employed by your cruise line and will be able to help you plan your ongoing travel, contact your insurers and liase with the ship for you.


This may all sound fairly simple and like common sense, but how many of us just go trotting off the ship with our towel & suncream and enough money for the day?


Feel free to share any other tips apart from the obvious - JUST BE BACK ON TIME!!

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oh no!!! this would be my worst nightmare! I do think passengers are risking it leaving it to the latest possible time to make their way back to the ship though. I always make sure i am heading back to the ship at least an hour before the last embarkation time just in case i am delayed for any reason! Has anyone on the forum ever missed a ship before?

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I suppose the obvious answer to the question is to be more careful next time.


But seriously I think it is quite difficult to miss a cruise ship as I don't think cruise lines are that keen on leaving passengers behind; I have seem officers and crew scouring local shops for missing passengers.  Also these days with modern cruise cards ships know exactly which passenger they are missing, and whether it is a whole group or part of a group.


If I was ever in danger of returning late then I would contact the agent as soon as possible.  If passengers are delayed due to some transport problems then it is likely that this will also have affected passengers on the ship's own tours.


It would be interesting to hear from somebody who has actually missed the ship and why that was; had they travelled some distance from the port or did they see the ship depart from a nearby beach or bar?

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Have seen this many times and the female you can hear talking on it always makes me laugh. "If they catch up, do you think we will pull over". Obviously thinks its like driving her car along the highway. The commentary is priceless.

On a serious note there are tour companies now that state should they get you back to the ship late they will get you to the next port of call free of charge. Wonder if it still applies if this was the last port of call prior to crossing the Atlantic!!

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