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Grand Harbour hotel

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We are currently in the cruise lounge at the above hotel having stayed overnight with their 'ultimate cruise package'.

Anyone thinking of forking out the £295 for this you may like to reconsider.

Ok the rooms are nice and the beds are good but the three course dinner was mediocre to say the least. Also, the glass of champagne they say you get is sparkling wine. We know this because we had just bought two glasses of champagne in the bar prior to going into the restaurant. Very naughty I think.

Customer service is nigh on non existent, from waiting to go into the restaurant both at dinner and breakfast to not seeing a soul in the cruise lounge until we went looking for someone.

The location is handy but should we decide to cruise again we will do things a little differently.


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No longer a De Vere hotel I believe, maybe standards have slipped. Your right though GiGi its the location that wins people over, I prefer to stay a little out of the centre and let a taxi driver with their knowledge of the backroads transport me in to the port. At £295 it does sound a little pricey if it doesnt live up to the billing

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WE have stayed there prior to a cruise and like you did not think it was worth the money. Plus we asked them to order a taxi for us but they "forgot"! So we had to wait ages for one to turn up. 

We now stay at the Premier Inn at West Key. We find that OK for one night and it is about half the price. 

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We stay at Holiday Inn, Novotel or Ibis. They are all close to the waterfront & shopping centre & are very comfortable. We book parking with Parking4Cruises so just drive to the short stay car park, hand over the car & wander into the cruise terminal. This works out a lot cheaper than the hotel cruise packages especially if you book well in advance. We did try a package on a short cruise as it was about the same price but the included taxi to the terminal didn't turn up so the hotel had to reorder it & then we had to wait for one on our return. It was much more stressful than just parking at the terminal knowing that the car will be taken somewhere secure & be waiting there for us on our return.

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Our last hotel we stayed in Soton was the Premier inn at Eastleigh, noisy place which meant little sleep, previously we stayed at the Not to Grand Harbour,last time we booked some9 months before a twin non smoking room ,what got was a double bed that stank of smoke,(They gave us an air freshener ) kicked of a stink at reception, there answer was "that is the only room we have left" My Reply excluding the expletives was " It was not 9 months ago when I booked it " .Ate out as fish and chips would cost £15 in thee hotel and was not that good?

We now use the coach to Soton less stressful ...Davybe

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