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Treasure Island - I didn't know

Guest Solent Richard

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Guest Solent Richard

One of the ports of call on my recent Oceania cruise was the island of Roatan.


It was only when I attended the excellent onboard port lecture...




...that Roatan is widely believed to have been the inspiration for Treasure Island.


Cruise ships arriving at Roatan have a choice of two berthing areas, ours was at Mahogany Bay...







I had booked in advance a private tour for our visit and we were given precise instructions on where to meet our driver/guide, basically just outside the complex main gate, meet Howard...




This was to be a full day tour at a cost of $40.00 per person (just the two of us and Howard). I'll point out the vehicle later.


Our first stop was...





Plenty of Iguanas around and one could get pretty close up...








The so called 'Marine Park' was less impressive.




Sure there were plenty of fish and lobster but they were small and good photography was out of the question due to the reflective water surface.


We heaved a sigh of relief as we left as two ship's excursion buses arrived.


Howard gave a good running commentary on points of interest including the fish trade's packing factories, landing markets and export docks.


Our next stop was a view point high above the islands airport which offered great views. It was obviously another tourist hotspot...




...and I couldn't resist giving the locals a tune on one of their conch shells...





And the view?...





That's Coxon Hole over in the distance, the largest city on the island, and the capital of the Bay Islands department of Honduras,

It is also the other cruise ship berthing place and, as we were on the lookout hill, what should we see coming round the headland...
It turned out to be Norwegian Star.
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Guest Solent Richard

We next headed for the islands most popular tourist destination, West End village; and one could see, at least shoreside, why it was popular. Of course its main attraction is that it is surrounded by magnificent coral reefs, teeming with fish and sea life and therefore the home of many scuba dive operators.


Time for some refreshment and what better place to enjoy the local beer than the waterfront 'Landing Bar'...






And yes, I did buy the T-Shirt...





Onward again and this time a stop to meet some of the wildlife...




My turn...




...though Solent Barbara gave the next boys a miss...




There was actually a few moments when I wish I had. Those tallons were often quite sharp in my thinning scalp. sad.png sad.png


Yet another 'high-spot' was on the itinerary, this time the El Faro Tower...




Once again a climb was a must...




...and yes, another good view...




By now Norwegian Star had berthed at Coxon Hole,in the distance can be seen Oceania Riviera at Mahogany Bay and between them the island's airport.


You'd never have guessed but this was a convenient stop for another reason...




I promised earlier a photograph of our transport and there it is parked outside the very conveniently placed 'Roatan Rum Company' shop.

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Guest Solent Richard

Its not only rum that they sell in the shop either. That hexagon shaped piece next to our transport is in fact an advert for these guy's famous rum cake.




We sampled both the rum and cake, there was plenty of choice...





I even made myself at home...




Yes again, we treated ourselves to a rum cake...





I wanted to take a look at Mahogany Beach before the ship sailed and time was by now running out. Howard was most obliging and took us back to Mahogany Bay along the coastal route, making a quick stop so i could add a closer view of Norwegian Star to my ship photo library...




I'll do a round up and Mahogany Beach report tomorrow (hopefully)

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Guest Solent Richard

Mahogany bay is a relatively new cruise docking zone, basically a village style cruise terminal that happens to be owned by Carnival. 


There are duty free shops, bars and restaurants and, a short walk from the village, no more than 15 minutes, Mahogany Beach...






For those not wanting to face the walk, the obese, or maybe just want a scenic ride, there is the 'Flying Beach Chair'...




Once across on the islet there is a great beach...




...and no shortage of rentable sun beds...




Beach bars, cafes and restaurants as well as a large water sport complex complete the facility.


It is an ideal venue, particularly for those with small children, and those who don't want to spend their time being frog-marched around a steaming hot island looking at fish and iguanas.


Anyone who has further interest can view their website...







In summary Roatan has something for everyone and is a popular cruise stop for the American cruise market. There are of course many organised activities not covered here but should I ever return I'd be keen to take this rather fun catamaran trip and see a bit more of the island as the 'pirates' would have...






Victor Bodden's tours are easily googled and proved to be a great full day out and good value for money.

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Guest Solent Richard

Pictures are great - would uou consider me becoming your photographer? Would not cost much!


Good afternoon cap'n.


I'd sure consider it.


As a pre-cursor to the interview hows about publishing some of your work?  


wink.png biggrin.png

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Guest Solent Richard

SR - my travel diaries are available on Blurb.com. The price is very reasonable and all photgraphs are my own. I have gone down this route so we have books to look at when we are past being able to cruise and are dependent on happy memories.


Mornin Cap'n.


I popped in and had a look. The Blurb.com Travel Section contains 45,161 books while the Biographies and Memories one contains 10, 271.


At 40 titles to a page - and no other clues - I calculate my day would be fully taken up finding anything remotely linked.


Add to that I couldn't find a search facility and, even if I did there is a charge of upwards of $35.00 to get a book.


You can always send me a link by PM or, as I suggested yesterday, publish a few photographs on the forum - it certainly would give the forum a well earned boost and who knows, you may even get a mention in Bolsover's newsletter. wink.png

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