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Fjords with Children?

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We've booked to do the Fjords with our 2 children this summer (5 & 3).  We did the fjords before we had our girls & know that they will love the open spaces in some of the ports. 


Just wondered if anyone had any extra advice for each of the ports & fun things to do with the kids.  We're going to Olden, Stavanger, Flam ( in know theres the train but I'm worried the girls will get bored) & Bergen where we are going to go up the cable car to the top of the mountain.


Any information will be greatly recieved. Thanks in advance

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Our children were a little older than yours for our first fjords cruise in 2009 (7 & 5) but they had a great time. This year will be our fifth fjords cruise, now they'll be 14 & 12 and they're just as excited. So some of these ideas may still be a little old for your kids, but these have been our favourites.


Bergen - they loved taking the funicular up Mt Floyen and also enjoyed Bryggen, especially the Christmas shop that's on the front row


Olden - this is one of our favourite places EVER. We took a ship excursion the first time - it was a cruise on Lovatnet Lake, followed by a waffles-and-jam stop, then a fairly easy walk towards Kjennendalen glacier. They still speak now of sipping the fresh glacier water straight from the stream - very "Bear Grylls"!. On our last visit we independently booked one of the RIB excursions... WOW. (That will be too old for your 5 & 3 year olds). The trip inbetween those, we took an excursion to Briksdal glacier, which was also fabulous.


Stavanger - the walk around the old town is really pleasant and fairly short, and there's a little kids playground that is a great distraction/rest - it's easy to find. If you wander in the other direction into the main town and out the other side, there's a petroleum museum with another interesting playground that the kids will probably enjoy (it's aimed at slightly older kids though). And, we haven't done this mind, but there is a "trail" of Antony Gormley statues throughout Stavanger called "Broken Column" - might be an enjoyable treasure hunt type activity?


Flam - we took the train here, but it was touch and go to get tickets - make sure you get there as early as possible if you do this! The train ride itself is spectacular, but our kids to be honest weren't that interested, especially since the whole cruise had quite amazing scenery. But they did quite enjoy the stop half way, my daughter was mesmerised by the "show"... On our second visit, we simply walked up the hill on the other side of the village - not such a big climb, but some lovely views back over the fjord. There's another good but small kids playground not far from the ship, and if you cross the bridge and walk back towards the fjord, there's a lovely little area just past a camping spot right on the water to sit, play, paddle etc. It's lovely.


All the ports have something to offer the little ones. Even the trolls that appear all over the place were a constant source of amusement! I think you'll have a great time whatever you choose. Enjoy!

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We have done the Fjords before & really enjoyed it.  We are really looking forward to taking our kids with us this year as we know they'll love the fish market in Bergen & going in the cable cars & all the open space at the top of the mountain.  We are on a great family ship Paul3349 but we don't plan on spending our days onboard.  Whats the point of travelling & exposing our children to different countries if we plan to spend it on the ship.  Of course we would love to take them to the Caribbean & spend our days making sandcastles but being tied to school holidays that is not a choice.  I asked for advise on the region we are travelling to, not to be told that you wouldn't take them.  Thanks anyway

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