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You should be able to find local tours into the area as you are normally there for the whole day plus evening . A train runs between Whittier and Anchorage but I am not sure of the frequency as the cruiselines also uses to transport passengers. By not flying back to Vancouver you have made an excellent decision as the flight costs one way can be expensive plus you get to see the coast again smile.png

This link might help you explore options and hopefully some of our members have done this day trip while waiting for the ship to depart.

What ever you do ensure you are back on board on time

before you leave the ship ensure you have been given your new sailcard and have a pass to get back onboard or such,



In looking at the bus m it is 3 hours with arrival in Anchorage at 11am and the bus going back at 2pm... so that is tight ...

Check around for tours around Wittier  instead  http://www.alaskatravel.com/whittier/

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Guest Solent Richard

My husband and I are cruising from Vancouver to Anchorage ( I understand this is Whittier ) in May. we are returning on the same ship but no excursions are offered by Princess on this changeover day. Anchorage is 70 miles, about 2 1/2 hours away. Any suggestions about what we can do on this day?


Hi Spooky.


We did the reverse cruise some years back on Regent Seven Seas Navigator.


We flew into Anchorage - great place to visit - and were then driven  to Seward to join the ship.




Seward looks as though it was a longer road journey.

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