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Ventura Mini Cruise

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On Thursday I returned to Southampton having spent 4 nights aboard Ventura for her mini cruise visiting Amsterdam and Bruges.

What a wonderful time I had!!

The holiday started when I was given an upgrade prior to sailing smile.png smile.png , from an inside cabin to a balcony on Rivera- fantastic location, aft of the ship near the terrace bar, pool and buffet/Beach house, the 3 things I need in life wink.png wink.png .

One evening was spent in the beach house where I over indulged in the Lava rock steak- fantastic!!

Another evening spent in Sindhu at East- Lobster was divine and certainly worth the £20 cover charge for the experience we received.

I love P&O, their service and their food.

Great little trip, plus Bruges was so beautiful!!!!


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I was on this cruise too dancefloordemon! I loved it and thought both amsterdam and bruge were so nice!

The ship was decorated so nicely for Christmas..BEAUTIFUL!


We also went to the beach house and thought the food was amazing here. The main restaurants were also really good - plenty of choice on the menus and the service was brilliant throughout the whole ship.


I definitely want to do another short cruise like this again next winter!

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