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Nice Touch - Thank you Bolsover

Guest Solent Richard

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This weekend just gone I celebrated a special birthday.   Imagine my delight to receive in Saturday's post a really good quality personal birthday card from Bolsover Cruise Club. A really nice touch

Not much Goodwill to all Men here is there boys? Give it a rest will you..it's becoming very boring. Thank you in advance.

Well it is the time of year to over indulge Pesky Pirate so I think a little more wouldnt hurt! as for other comments in this thread if you cant spot the difference may I suggest a trip to Specsavers

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Wow.... May I use this post to wish all the members good health, lots of cruises, lots of sharing and humour between us all for 2016 and of course a belated Happy Birthday to my dear 70 year old friend who was  a gracious host on our QM2 voyage this year .


Oh,, on Facebook I believe he found a Turkey for Xmas Supper while my granddaughter told her Mum. I want beef :) So we had Beef Tenderloin instead fo our family Xmas dinner  

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That's a shame because anyone who cannot be bothered to read something which completely and utterly vindicates particular individuals, does not have the right - as in the past - to post uninformed criticisms.

Oh yes they do.

Anyone reading or contributing to this forum should not be subjected to long running arguments, disagreements, personality clashes and the like that probably have roots going back years. There is no doubt that a "mini war" is going on for the "top dog cruise know all" position, but for most people who just want to "give and take" from a forum, this is an irrelevance.

You should be careful in your use of the word "uninformed".

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