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Good morning!


I have just booked for the Caribbean on Spirit - going from Port Canaveral-Nassau-St Thomas-Tortola-Port Canaveral - This is my first Caribbean cruise so was wondering if any of you lovely people could give me some advice on:


1) Spirit

2) The ports of call

3) A good overnight hotel in Orlando

4) Anything else you think I might need to know :)


Many thanks!!

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ive been on the Spirit in Europe and we really enjoyed it! would definately recommend the specialiy restaurants! personally we werent keen on the main restaurant so booked the speciality ones every night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The shows were very good they are very strict on closing the doors once the show is on so get there on time!

People were able to smoke in the casino and that meant there was a very strong smell of smoke aorund that area and there was a bar at the far end that we never got to go to as you have to walk through the casino to get there!

The buffet got very busy at times so be aware of not going peak times as there were a lot of people on our cruise grumbling about that.

we really enjoyed our cruise and i dont want to be negative just pointing out the few things that we found. overall a lovely ship that we would definately go on again!

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Have not been on the Spirit. The only NCL ship we've cruised is the Sun


This is our favorite hotel in Orlando:  http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/mcowc-orlando-world-center-marriott/


In Nassau we would recommend taking a taxi or a water taxi to Paradise Island and visit Atlantis. The place is amazing!


In St Thomas we enjoyed taking the skyride to Paradise Point. Great view of the islands.

Plenty of other things to do from shopping to snorkeling. For the later we like Coki Beach.


We've been to Tortola a couple times and just did a walking tour on our own and some shopping at the straw market.

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Thank you for the info! I'm really looking forward to it... what is at Atlantis, is it like the Dubai complex?

 Click this link:  http://www.atlantisbahamas.com/


We have not been to Dubai, as a matter of fact we've never crossed the Atlantic! Maybe someday.

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