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Adults Only Ships

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I went on Adonia last week for a ship visit.  The bathrooms were very small! In the Balcony Cabins.


Don't let small bathrooms put you off..... We had a three-week cruise on Adonia last year, and thought she was a lovely ship for adults. Small enough to get into the less-visited ports, but big enough to be interesting. Relaxing, country-house feel and great service. Take a cabin on the stern, with a bigger balcony, and you won't be worried about the bathrooms, which in our experience are never big enough on every ship we've been on, but who cares?

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We have been on Arcadia which is Adult only but there are a lot of wheelchairs both being motorised and manual. We have another cruise booked on Arcadia but may well go

back to family orientated cruising! We may well get bumped into by a child but this preferable to being rammed or run over by one of those wheel chairs. Also because we can go anytime we like we still can avoid too many children.

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We went on our first adult only cruise on Arcadia and unfortunately have another booked on board her. We would prefer to go on family orientated ships because of the amount of wheel chairs there were on board. It would be better to be bumped into by a child and not a wheel chair as my husband was. The occupants were neither apologetic or bothered.

We have another cruise booked unfortunately on Arcadia but after that we will be going on family ships. We can travel anytime

so in term time will be good.

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Try Silversea. Seabourn or Regent - they don't do Adult Only ships but there is so little for them to do!  They are fully inclusive so more expensive.

Hi  As well as the three mentioned above I would personally recommend Crystal and Azamara as well as Seabourn and Silversea (I haven't sailed with Regent)  None are adult only but the more expensive cruise lines tend not to attract many families with youngsters.  I rate Crystal cruises agmonst the best but Azamara is probably the best in the value for money stakes particularly as they often have very good deals for late bookers outside the peak seasons.

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Shaweast, Why on earth would you book another cruise on a ship that is full of wheelchair users, and then complain about it ? maybe they got cheap cabins the same as the smokers , being as it is the same ship!! I am still very annoyed by both of your posts. :angry:

Hi Ron we hated Arcadia the first cruise we did on her and yes we went back, we would not have booked the second cruise ,if we had been on the first cruise before we booked the second. Sometimes people have several cruises booked in advance. That being said the second cruise was a far higher standard than the first.That was the only time we have cruised and the restaurant staff were constantly apologizing for the quality of the food.
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