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Both my husband and I had been on Oceana before in the Caribbean in 2006 and loved her, so this is why we wanted to go on her again. She's still a lovely ship, the cabins and public areas are fine but the deck areas are in desperate need of refurbishment. Sunbeds needing repairing, rust around the pool areas and very tired looking.



A real mix of passengers onboard. As usual for fly cruise the age group was average 30/40+ which suited us fine.


Families - excellent for families, a nice size ship, the pool area lovely with a paddle area around the edge of the main pool. Children’s club for all ages. Some families and children I spoke to spoke highly of it and used it mainly in the evenings for some 'me time' Food wise they said usually ate in the buffet and always something for the children as found the main restaurants too busy for them


Lot of couples of all ages onboard, saw at least 3 weddings which looked lovely and well organised. Also a couple of engagements announced and spoke to some honeymooners who were really enjoying the cruise. Also quite a few teenagers 16/17 year olds who had just finished gcse and a levels, spoke to a few along with parents who were enjoying it and found plenty for the teens to do and had made a lot of friends onboard. Found all where well behaved and always looked smart.


There did not seem to be many single passengers onboard, but we did hear announcements of single coffee mornings and 'travelling alone get together which is a lovely way for them to meet other passengers.


As already mentioned, not a lot of seniors onboard meaning pax over 70+. The ones we did speak to where really struggling with the heat and had not really been off the ship. I think being a fly cruise does not attract a lot of pax in this age bracket as they usually prefer to sail out of Southampton.


I found the ship had a fairly young atmosphere, with a mixture of all ages. We really enjoyed the cruise. Oceana is a lovely ship, nice size and good facilities. The cabin was nice, and the steward friendly and always there for us if we needed him. We found the rest of the staff the same. On two occasions whilst queuing for the Ligurian Restaurant the restaurant manager found us and offered us a table for 2 in the Adriatic to save waiting which we really appreciated although we did find the menu a bit ordinary apart from formal nights when they offered a Pierre White menu which was lovely. 


We did eat mainly in the Café Jardin for breakfast, lunch and evening meal which we found excellent. The menu, service, location was brilliant. We also ate in the Beach House, this was Horizon Grill but changed into Beach House with a new menu during the cruise. This was also excellent, good choice on the menu, especially for me as I don’t eat any meat. The problem was again the heat it was so warm and humid in the evenings it made it uncomfortable to sit and eat outside but it was lovely and a nice location. We only ate in the buffet once, on swap over day this is only restaurant available to eat breakfast in after 9.30 but we did not enjoy it. The hot food was cool and the cold food warm, very busy, unable to find a clean table and we walked around for ages eventually having to go outside to eat, not for us.



Evening entertainment was very good and varied. Comedians, magicians, soul singers and the headliners group were excellent. We then usually ended up in Magnums the martini bar which became our favourite. Sam the bar tender was so good he could make any cocktail, martini you asked for. The décor, location and atmosphere was excellent. Monte Carlo casino was also one of our favourites, nice and bright décor, roomy and if you wanted to play the tables you could but there was also plenty of seats available for those just wanting to watch or sit and relax.


We did go into Le Club (nightclub) a few times, that’s where we found all the teens congregated, a bit like a youth club. We did enjoy it in there with friends but sometimes found it hard to get a seat anywhere and service was slow as busy.


I have cruised with Fred Olsen, and Royal Caribbean and Ocean Village in the past, which I found very good all round. We do usually cruise P&O as like we the way they operate, something to suit everyone’s tastes.


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Thanks Lilamae,


It was lovely to read your review of your time on Oceana. It was the first and only cruise ship that my late husband and I cruised on, Acapulco, Panama Canal to Barbados. We had a wonderful  cruise on her and I have many happy memories. 


Christine and Neil Hamilton were the speakers on that cruise, one larger than life character with a quiet husband. My quiet husband and I had avoided "all the fuss" that surrounded them, only to find that on the official photographs of the Canal Transit we were side by side with them and hadn't noticed.


We had Christmas day on the ship and flew home on Boxing Day. Wonderful visits to Caribbean islands. Oceana with P&O was an ideal introduction to cruising. The staff were excellent, food delicious and we made some really good friends. I think I may now, look out for a suitable cruise for me on Oceana next year

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