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Cruise Line Booked Hotels

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Can someone tell me the advantage of one's hotel prior or after being booked by the cruise line.

The only advantages I can see are:

 1- Hotel is a superior / luxury one in the city and has been vetted by Cruise Line

 2- Ship transfers are included and most times airport transfers to / from  hotel


The main disadvantage I can see is the Hotel room price always seems to be 'per person'  while when I book the same hotel it excludes ship transfers but is a room for two price.





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Guest Solent Richard

Good morning Rob.


Swings and roundabouts really.


When buying some packages it is often impossible to deviate. I say 'packages' because a lot of travel agents are now joining in with their own 'tailor made' variants.


Whenever I have used such cruise line/agents packages the deal included them and I have never been disappointed. (Waldorf Astoria, the Helmsley, and Tivoli Lisbon to name a few)


Then there are the challenges. Joining Europa 2 in Istanbul we chose the quirky Nixon Bosphorus close to the cruise terminal and when last in Singapore we chose the Marina Bay Sands...




The latter I have never seen offered by a cruise company or related agent but for us it was a must and we will return there in 2017.

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Afternoon Richard

I agree with you and David... if one has researched best buy  and the total package includes all the extra benefits then why not.

My original question was more to do with independent travel and arrangements where the hotel option is yourself or the cruise line smile.png

Even the Airlines now give you options when booking ones ticket online...  

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