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Have any of you had or know someone who has renewed their vows on P&O ? If so what was the cost? It's an idea Hubby came up with last night but I bet it's a little fortune!




A similar question was asked a little while ago.  You may find some info here http://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/forum/topic/2834-are-cruise-ship-weddings-expensive/?hl=wedding

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My brother renewed his wedding vows on board Britannia last month, I am not sure of the cost but he said they were absolutely brilliant and really enjoyed their day.

I do know that the initial ceremony was not that pricey where they throw in champagne flutes and a photo in a frame (he said they made him have the one with the captain) but everything else does add up such as cake, photographer, bouquets etc.

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Guest suespud

Not sure what renewing vows is all about.

Is it confirming which of the original ones you are still OK with?

We are renewing our vows at the end of the month in the church we were married in 40 years ago.

For us, its to celebrate our marriage in front of our family. The vows will be similar... but saying we will be continuing to love, honour, each other in sickness and health..etc.

We were married at 18 & 19, and both sets of parents were not very happy about it, saying it would never last.

It did !!!

We are also having a huge clarty party on the nightime of the renewal at our home.

Looking forward to it very much !!!

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