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Royal Caribbean Gratuities On Drinks

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Have I missed something?

On previous RCI cruises we have prepaid the gratuities and therefore drinks purchased at bars and in the theatre have been charged "at cost" i.e. without gratuities being added.

We have just returned from a cruise on the Brilliance and on the first night gratuities were added to a bar bill (we prepaid our gratuities as usual).

I queried this at customer services and was informed that this has always been that case but, having checked the receipts from our last RCI cruise on the Adventure in May 2014, this was clearly not true (i.e. gratuities were not added to the bar bill on that cruise).

We were offered a number of explanations including that the T&C's are different if you sail from Harwich rather that Southhampton!

Has RCI changed its T&C's regarding prepaid gratuities in the last year or so?


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As far as I am aware drinks gratuities have never been part of the pre-paid gratuities or the auto gratuities for that matter as they are charged on a drink by drink basis. It may be that your previous receipts just didn't separate out the gratuities as Brits generally expect to see an all inclusive price whereas Americans are used to seeing a price with various taxes added on.



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Have travelled with RCI for many years and in my personal experience the pre paid gratuities only cover waiters and housekeeping. Drinks have always incurred a separated gratuity unless you have a drinks package or unless you have sailed out of Southampton where for a while they included the drinks gratuity but simply raised the price of the drinks to include it. They did this on Splendour last year Barcelona to Brazil.

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