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I will probably be doing the 2018 world cruise with P&O. I don't know which ship yet but I do like the Aurora. I have been on the Arcadia and enjoyed my cruise on it so I would consider that as well. It depends on itinerary. We sailed to New York on the QM2 and toured round the States then sailed back on QM2. We found Cunard a bit impersonal, although the staff where efficient that's all they are. So l will probably stick to P&O.


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I know all people are different and have different ideas but I could never book a cruise nearly 2 - 3 years in advance ! Also I would rather do sectors of a World cruise as some area's of the world are not my cup of tea ( so to speak ).

I would always give from the Med side of the Suez Canal to Singapore a miss as it holds no interest to me (My Choice) but other people love this area (There Choice) That's why we are all unique.wink.png

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Of course, everyone is different but my experience has been that I have never been bored and my husband and I have done 3 world cruises.   We don't always do or enjoy the same activities so we sometimes do our own thing, during the day, and meet up for meals and classes or talks that appeal to both of us.   The Port Lecturers on the World Cruises tend to make their presentations particularly interesting, with a genuine depth of knowledge and advice.   Taking part in different activities also allows the making of new &  friends so the social circle tends to increase and become more interesting. smile.png  

Personally, I think the Grand Voyages have now become too long - not because it is difficult to fill in the time, but because  the 'club' atmosphere that used to generate amongst the 'all the way' voyagers is not so prevalent now, as an increased number  new and different passengers join for particular sectors & it's just not the same.   The 80 day trips were just about right.   Another feature of these extended itineraries is the difficulty in getting travel insurance at a reasonable price when one is getting a little older!  sad.png

Regardless, it is a lovely way to see the world - the good and (sometimes) the not so good.   If you can, give it a try.

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Hi well it's a concern of mine that I could get bored on a world cruise, but some of you have given me faith that this will not happen. I have decided that I will do the 2018 world cruise and if I get bored then I will not do it again !

My husband was sure he would be bored when we did our first cruise which was only 21 days.rolleyes.gif  When we did both of our World cruises he would happily have stayed on and gone around again if it had been possible. I however agree with sundancer, I think they are becoming too long, not because I get bored but I don't like being away from home and family for so long.

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