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Ponta Delgarda has a "fun bus" painted like a cow that does a nice tour around the town ( it's not a ho -ho ) which leaves from the road near the dock. If you want an organised trip we did the twin lakes tour which , when it's sunny, has a blue lake & a green one. It was cloudy when we went so they both looked the same to me but it was still a good trip.

Can't help with Horta although we are going there in October so will be interested in any replies. I have read about the scrimshaw museum so we were thinking about giving that a try.

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We did a tour of the Island by taxi with another couple the first time we went there, I'm sorry I can't remember the cost as it was quite a few years ago but it was very enjoyable and well worth doing, we saw far more than we would have had we taken an organised tour, our driver took us to a local bar/cafe in the village he lived in and I have never before or since had such delicious coffee, even better the owner wouldn't take any payment for it !! no doubt he had some sort of arrangement with the driver but I still thought it a very nice gesture.


It is a lovely island and vastly different as you travel around it, very lush by the 'Twin Lakes', beautiful little villages that you pass through ( where most of the farming community appear to live ) before reaching the north ( I think it's the north, geography not being my strong point ) where it is very bleak and barren even when the sun shines.


Ponta Delgada itself is nice to just wander around but I would certainly recommend some sort of tour.

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