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Has Anyone Used Shorecruiseexcursions.com

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Your timing could not be better Greggs as several members of the forum, including myself have been discussing rivals cruisingexcursions.com today. I have tried them before and found them excellent but I cannot say I have experienced shorecruiseexcursions.com


Looking forward to seeing if other members have tried this site and what they have to say.

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Guest Solent Richard

V Interesing Greggs65, first post in the forum and you are asking for advice on a company you probably work for and linking to them as well.


Will watch eagerly you join in other debates and posts (somehow doubt you will though)


Good morning HTurtle.


I'm looking forward to Gregg's response.


I note from the website they don't cover the Caribbean which is where I have a future interest.

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thanks for your responses/feedback, definitely helpful, I had also compared with cruisingexcursions.com price wise and they're slight better although the later seems to have more information overall. I'm just shopping around for the best deals and credible company to go with and was advice to join forums and ask. 

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