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Celebrity Drinks Package Is It Worth Upgrading?

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For me i think it would have to be the classic drinks package, this includes everything i drink.


Classic Package

Upgrade your cruise experience and pay one price to enjoy all of the benefits of our Classic soft drinks package, plus all beers up to $6 per serving, wines up to $9.00 per glass and spirits and cocktails $8 per glass. Plus, with the purchase of this Classic Package, you can enjoy a 15% discount on all wines by the bottle purchased on board, even our prized Reserve Wine list and Rare Wine list.

Classic package (no alcohol)

This Classic Beverage Package enables you to enjoy unlimited freshly squeezed and bottled juices, premium coffees and teas and non-premium bottled water, as well as soft and canned drinks such as Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Coke Zero.

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I've got the standard package on my Celebrity cruise next year & we are going to upgrade to the Classic package at least.  We may even go up to the premium package as hubby loves his craft & belgium beers that will be included in the premium.  Celebrity advised it would be about £7pp per day to go from standard to classic, & about £14 pp pd to go up to premium.  We think it would be worth it for us & the kind of drinks we want


The last thing we want to be doing is be reading the drinks menu & think "oh I'd really like that cocktail/beer, but we can't afford it".  We've only got a 2 night mini cruise so we'd be looking at £28 max to upgrade us both to premium

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Just back from 14 nights Baltic Cruise on the Eclipse.  The classic drinks package was included in our original booking, but we upgraded to the premium one, and felt it was well worth the money.  We weren't indulging in the rocket fuel which masquerades as 'martini' but did feel we could opt for a much better selection of wines and beers in the restaurant and other bars and weren't constantly worrying about the prices.  It also allows you to splash out and just pay the difference between the top of the premium allowance, rather than the whole amount for the drink. For example a glass of Sancerre cost us 50cents, instead of 15 dollars 50 if we had stuck with the original package.


So that paid for the upgrade that day!!!  


So for us, less a case of quantity, but did mean we could have far better quality ... after all, we were on holiday.


Back to bread and (tap) water now, of course!!!

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What is the Select package often referred to?


I have seen the Classic Package and then the Premium Package, which we have paid for on our upcoming cruise.


Is it just be a promotional offering as I have not seen this on the Celebrity website.


Just checked on the Celebrity website under My Booking and there is no Select package referred to. So what is it?



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