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What's The First Thing You Do On A Mini Cruise?

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Hi  I have only undertook two mini-cruises and they were both on small ships so the entertainment options were limited which suited me fine.  The weather on both was great so I relaxed on deck with a drink and went ashore in both ports in North France and had two enjoyable lunches.  Others may chose a more active lifestyle but I go on a cruise to relax, it's your break so do as you see fit.  Enjoy your short vacation.

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I'm with Nikos so far. If it's a longer cruise then I would probably head for the cabin once permitted and relax a little bit but on a mini cruise I would want to get out and about from the off to explore the ship, especially if it's a ship I haven't sailed on before, such as Anthem this coming October. I plan on exploring straight away as well as sampling the food and drink options on offer.

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Guest Solent Richard

Sounds like most people on mini cruises are Alcoholics ? tongue.png tongue.pngtongue.png tongue.png  


Pretty close Ron.


I've never believed a mini-cruise was for 'checking-out' a cruise before booking a longer one with the company.


That's not how the cruise lines see them either.


They are simply 'Cash Cows' to them and fun opportunities to us.

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We have taken two mini cruises and as someone said with lines one has experienced prior.

1st was from Los Angeles to Vancouver, all sea days (3) , was in May to celebrate our wedding anniversary. What I had not expected at Checkin was the amount of families and those completing a Las Vegas tour smile.png

We booked a mini suite only as the price is lower and first thing we do is locate area for muster stations, order rum and sodas for fridge, allows us to have some drinks in our cabin. Head up for sailaway and order a drink.

Walk the ship just to explore again but no rush

Take advantage of quiet areas to read and people watch and prior to cruise , book a hotel for arrival to stay a few days. That way we are still on relax mode also avoids transit to airport with the masses

2nd trip was same following year except we had arranged as ship docked in Victoria to leave instead of going to Vancouver, save some airfare and hotels but unfortunately I came down with a bad cough a few days prior so elected to cancel and not infect passengers.

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