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Which Ship Has The Best Speciality Restaurant?

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Hi Interesting question but I don't think there is a best restaurant, it's all down to personal preferences.  I have always rated Prego's on Crystal but I know most passengers on this line are likely to chose Silk Road which incorporates a Nobu Sushi bar.  La Champagne on Silversea is very good but the food presented is a little rich for my taste but fine for one visit per cruise.  However, I do enjoy the fish and chips in the Golden Lion on all Cunard ships at lunch time.

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I agree with you Land Ahoy, I think it comes down to personal preference and also the mood you're in at the time. My favourite speciality restaurant changes from one cruise to the next. The ones that spring to mind however are the Pinnacle Grill on Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam, Ventura's East, Oceana's Horizon Grill and Murano aboard the Celebrity Solstice Class ships which I also think is excellent along with Qsine.

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What is "best restaurant", but completely subjective.

To some people restaurant décor would be important, or how close are the tables, or how quick is the service, or is the waiter "fawning", etc,

Then there is rating the food that you like (which is probably influenced by what you were brought up to eat), the food that you do not like (which is probably what you were not brought up to eat but should have), the food that you will not try (ditto), how hot you like your food served, how fussy you are about hot plates, or how important is quantity, etc, etc.

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