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Be Honest, Do You Actually Use The Spa When You Cruise?

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Why should the best and a substantial part of the ship be allocated for the use of so few people who have to pay extortionate prices to use what we have all paid for anyway.

I wouldn't set foot in there on principle even if I could be convinced that the mumbo jumbo therapies actually did any good. I am with the Carib Bean all the way - $120 buys a lot of wine - even at inflated shipboard prices.


i am more than happy for the spa to occupy space.  The inflated prices paid by those who enjoy spa treatments on board (I will not call them mumbo jumbo, because massages certainly help some conditions, and other treatments may be beneficial to those who choose to indulge)  subsidize my cruises.  All the selling opportunities produce revenue for the cruise line and help to keep listed cruise prices low.

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In a word - NO

Several years ago, on Oriana,I was tempted to try Ionathermie by all it promised to do for me. All it actually did was make me itch all over for the remainder of the cruise so never again. I have been forced to use the hairdressers on World cruises and that has generally been acceptable if pricey

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No, never.

Silk Purses and Sows Ears come to mind.

Surely, the People who already love us, know us for who we are and what we are in our lives, and not by someone else's image of us, who doesn't really know us at all, thinks we should look like, albeit temporarily?

Beauty is only skin deep. For most of us thankfully, the heart and mind lie a little deeper....

Personally, I think soft massage, taken on a tropical beach somewhere, (Whilst on a cruise or not?) is the more therapeutic for both the mind and soul.


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I have used the Spa for a hot stone massage a couple of times but wouldn't have any of the more 'fanciful' treatments.  Also, I will only have a massage if on special offer.  The standard prices are beyond daft if you ask me.  I do like to use sauna & steam facilities but will not pay extra for those where there is a charge.  All cruise lines continue to invest in Spa facilities so they are obviously a money-spinner (or in business-speak, a 'revenue centre').

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