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Getting To Sorento Oh Your Own

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Will you be docking in Naples? If so Sorrento is a fair drive from there and the traffic is totally mental so if I was given the option of a excursion I would take it.

Sorrento is a nice little town that has little squares with cafes and restaurants and narrow streets where shops have their goods outside on he street. They are well known for selling items of the the wood craft Maqquetary and have great ice cream and also sell Limoncello the lemon liqueur.

I like Sorrento (spent a week there) but if you have the chance to go to Capri that would be my excursion of choice it is a beautiful little island with stunning views and a lovley ambiance (and I tasted the best pizza I have ever had in my life from a tiny bakers shop) I would love to go there again.

Others may know if there are cheaper organised trips than the ship may offer but I certainly would think twice about doing it under your own steam.



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Its very easy!!! When you leave the cruise terminal at Naples you walk about 5mins to the ferry terminal & here you can buy tkts for Sorrento or Capri. The ferry is not too regular for Sorrento so we were advised to get the early crossing at 9am as it was a couple of hours till the ext one and as you have to book the return you need to make sure you are back in time for the cruise leaving. I cant remember how much it was however it was alot cheaper than an excursion and the journey time was around 45 mins.  

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I have taken the train to Pompeii and obviously it continues onto Sorrento.


Personally the hydrofoil looks like a more fun option, although I gave no experience of it. I'm sure so embody will have had experience of this.


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