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Can anyone tell me average age on Celebrity?

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Just got off the Eclipse on Sunday. I would say the average age for our cruise was around the 60 mark. 

The age varies depending on the dates you travel and where you cruise to. The Med seems to have a lower age group

than the Baltic or the Fjords.

School holidays also have a lower age group as parents then travel with their children.


Having said all that though, we have had the most fun with older people! Just because you are old

does not mean you are less able to enjoy yourself!

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Have been on Celebrity many times and found that the age group depends on the destinations. For example we have noticed that the age group on a transatlantic repositioning cruise to be a lot younger than a Southampton round trip sailing. Also as already mentioned during school holiday there is a younger element. Having said that, whatever your age group I am sure you would enjoy a cruise with them. They are in my opinion what other major cruise lines with the exception of Cunard can only dream of being.

As for the entertainment we have always found it to be a cut above the rest. However entertainment is not about age but about what appeals to you as entertainment. Most ships have the same theme, it is the quality of that theme that differs from cruise line to cruise line and indeed ship to ship.

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