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Gratuities On A Long Cruise

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Have always accepted gratuity demands on previous cruises, but am booked on a 115 day cruise. Not so keen to pay the daily rate, would rather reward those who provide personal service with a smaller amount give for behind the scenes staff. What have others done on world wide cruises?

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I accept the gratuity / service charge for what it is. I pay what I'm asked for the service given (unless there were unresolved problems but to date this has not occurred!) and would add extra for any special service. I would not expect any different service on a longer cruise and so would not expect to pay any differently.

I always understood that on the world cruises bills were settled and gratuities paid at the end of each sector, but unfortunately I have no personal experience . . . . yet . . . . Maybe one day!

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Having done 2 complete world cruises with P&O. I was quite happy to pay the set gratuities which was deducted after each sector. Also I tipped people who I thought deserved extra, there was a few of them. I always treat everybody who serves me with the respect they deserve and expect respect from them. In my younger days I did bar & catering jobs so I understand what it is like dealing with whatever the job throws up.

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Any cruise regardless of length offers you the opportunity to pay a set gratuity or revision and provide extra direct

In your case being on a World Cruise  , a wonderful opportunity for sure allows you during and per sector to make your wishes or complaints known. 

Staff behind the scene are working to make this cruise work and as most of you are on for the whole cruise then they know they must ensure service is top notch else the gratuity might be lower . If the ship is doing its normal 7-14-21 cruises then it gets a full load of new passengers who will payout as expected 

In your case it can be reduced as it is the same passengers. Remember that you will also se a lot of the crew change over at some of the sectors which is why they clear your account each time 

For sure It is a lot of monies but the percentage to the price paid is still about the same

Enjoy this special time of your life and get to know these people serving you including ones behind the scenes

You have an issue , talk to the managers , they know you are together for awhile

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