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We are calling at Gdansk for the first time shortly. The ship docks outside Gdansk and we would like to know the best way to get to Gdansk. I have checked the whatsinport website and it mentions what seems like a complicated method of taxi and train, I was wondering about a taxi into Gdansk .The ships 'on your own' excursion is $80 each and this appears to be a little steep for such a transfer of 25mins. Has anyone been here?  can you recommend the best method of transport please?

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We were in Gdynia last July and when we docked had thought we would just have a walk around however, there were numerous taxis etc touting for business but we found a Hop on Hop off bus that was doing a straight forward trip to Gdansk and back with commentary and tour of Gydnia at the end.  It was not that expensive and we all had a great day.

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On our cruise last year a group of passengers walked from the ship to the railway station as soon as we docked ( took about 20 mins). We were told by locals there was a bus but none of us had any local currency.  At the station you could pay on you credit card and it was very cheap.  The train to Gdansk took about 40 mins with quite a few stops. The old part of the city is very attractive and well worth seeing (quite a bit has been rebuilt in its original style as there was a lot of damage in WW2).  We had no problems doing this trip and were back long before sailing time as the part we saw is fairly compact. We certainly didn't find the journey dreadful although the train does pass through some old and rundown industrial areas which we found interesting as it told us more about Poland.

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