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I have to say I was lucky enough to stay overnight on Board Britannia last weekend and what a Beautiful Ship she is!

From the moment you step on board, she really does have the 'WOW' Factor - The Atrium, is by far one of the nicest I have seen.

Having a little girl I was curious as to what the Children's Play Area was like on board and I was impressed with this also, plenty of facilities to suit different child ages.

I was shocked at the size of the cabins, they were smaller than what I had imagined but beautifully decorated.

I like the modern and contemporary design and style of the ship - particulary the cabin numbers outside the cabin that are lit up on a plaque - very good idea!

The bars and public area's again are great - I have to say the Glass House was probably my favourite!

I am booked on Azura in November, but im very tempted to change this to Britannia she really is that nice.

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Hi everyone, I've just been on a tour of Britannia and can't wait to book my holiday for 2016.  The atrium was lovely, lots of activity going on. Outside on the decks it was nice to see sofa seating areas as well as sunbeds. The Epicurean menu looked fab as did Sindhu. Single balcony cabins are a good size and so glad that it is a proper shower cubicle rather than a flappy, clingy wet curtain!

looking forward to booking Britannia

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I said I would try every bar on Britannia and I failed lol.

2 nights is not enough on this ship, but that seemed obvious before we went.

Love the style, many variations of chairs and sofas in the ship and out on deck.

Modern yet elegant, food was lovely.

And yes the cabins are small but everything you need is there, nice to see the shower cubicle, and no more is the stick to your bum curtain.

Varied entertainment throughout the ship as you would expect.

Crows Nest is a stylish quiet venue to work your way through the many Gin cocktails, my husband and i were in our elements there, chatter and a pianist in the background.

The Sunset bar at the back of the ship is another venue where you feel you are away from it all.

The theatre has the new LED screens which gives a more modern and professional feel which is a great improvement. For ultimate adult only time, you must book into The Retreat, this is £25pp seems a little steep, but maybe the cost will keep the atmosphere how you would expect this peaceful area to be. There are facilities here to eat breakfast and lunch and a large variety of luxury loungers, seats some for couples or very good friends lol, jacuzzis too, a place you would definately relax all day. Therefore worth the £25pp.

The Canadian Ice wine in the Glasshouse is yet another treat if you like a bit of fizz, lovely atmosphere, and a great place to meet up as its just on the edge of the Atrium. We had dinner in the Epicurean Restaurant, beautiful setting and menu.

The grab and go bar is yet another great idea, near the main pool area, salads, snacks, sandwiches all freshly made and wrapped ready for you to just pick up and take with you.

If you like P&O you just have to try it and see for yourselves. I will definately be booking when the 2016 cruises come out which I have been told is usually April. I do hope so.

Apologies I have no visuals for you, yet. biggrin.png

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