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I watched it live on the P&O web site and, I must say, I was disappointed. I thought that Mr Bryden was well below par and it appears that his "jokes" were not appreciated by those present either. I could see absolutely no reason as to why the "Chilli Pipers" were included - I'm afraid that I turned the sound off at that point. And as for bringing Her Majesty all that way just for 15 words....


Having said that, though, I did think the ship looked very grand and I'm looking forward to bneing on her in a few weeks time.


Please don't shoot me for voicing my opinion :-)

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Guest Solent Richard

Theres bound to be someone who will complain about something very trivial….  I think its about time these people got a life and went with the flow so to speak, but then they aren't really happy unless they find something to complain about.


How true Pesky Pirate.


And if you look around most will come from those who don't cruise P&O anyway.


For the record I thought the ceremony was great.

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