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Rules of the Cruise Club Forum

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This community has been created so cruise enthusiasts have a place to get together to find information, share information, and share general stories and chat about cruising!


On our forums, information is predominantly provided by you, the community, with a small input from our administrators and moderators. Please bare this in mind and adhere to these forum rules when participating in and starting discussions. 


We take the 'Be Polite' rule seriously and do not tolerate rudeness or abusive behaviour. Any member who is purposefully disagreeable or disruptive may be banned without warning. This is at the discretion of the administrators. Violation of the following rules could also result in the user being warned or banned from the forum permanently.


General Rules

  1. You may only have ONE USER NAME. Should you need to make changes to your account that you cannot change, please contact a member of staff.
  2. BEFORE POSTING A MESSAGE, please use the search function and take a couple of seconds to see if your question has already been answered in a previous post.
  3. Please POST IN THE CORRECT FORUM. Please ensure your posts are relevant and stay on topic. Occasionally a thread may go slightly off topic which is natural.
  4. EDIT YOUR POST instead of making a new one, when you make a typo or mistake that you would like to change. Please do not create a duplicate post as this takes up valuable space on the board.
  5. Please remember that everything you post is PUBLICLY VISIBLE. Refrain from posting personal information about yourself and others. This includes contact numbers, email and street addresses, and even your full name.
  6. If you see a post that is in blatant violation of the site rules, please REPORT IT using the 'report post' feature and we will respond to it as soon as we can.
  7. All posts must be made in English.


We also ask that you do not post any comments that:

  1. Use offensive or abusive language, or intend to offend or abuse.

  2. Make unsupported or unfounded allegations against a person, company organisation or group.

  3. Spam – we do not tolerate spam posts and users that post spam will be banned by the administrators.

  4. Deviate from the topic or thread of the blog (at the administrator’s discretion.)

  5. Encourage or discuss illegal activity.

  6. Post on behalf of, or pretend to be, someone else.

  7. Share your logins with another person.

  8. Link, in any way, to 3rd party sites/images containing sexually explicit, violent or illegal content (or content determined by moderators to be detrimental to the community.)

  9. Contain words or URLs that are censored by adding spaces, dots, or substituting characters; or by any other means in an attempt to override any censors put in place by administrators.

  10. Advertise – genuine personal reviews or recommendations of a product or service are allowed. This includes on threads themselves, as well as private messages to other members.


Please note: we reserve the right to remove posts without notice.

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Hope they managed to change your user name in time. Commercial scanners search the internet forums looking for e-mail addresses which they recognise by their format. They than sell these to other companies (good and bad) who bombard you with unwanted e-mails. Eventually it can get so bad that you have to change your e-mail address.

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