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Throwback Thursday, Ocean Village

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Was sorting out my holiday folder last night, getting things sorted for Britannia.  When I came across an old Ocean Village booklet from 2006 (it’s amazing what you can keep).  I had two really good cruises on board her 7 nights in the Mediterranean from Majorca, and I also did a Caribbean cruise.

I really enjoyed the concept of Ocean Village very informal, entertainment was contemporary then for a cruise line,  self-service for dinning apart from La Luna which was open air evening experience at only £5.00 cover charge, and The Bistro which was “Food Hero” James Martin first contribution to a restaurant at sea and only £15.00 extra.

They offered cruise and stays, Action Ashore with its own fleet of mountain bikes.  This was pushed as a cruise for people that didn’t cruise.

Can anyone else remember either Ocean Village 1 or 2, and what was your experience like on board



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A colleague of mine didn't have a good experience on his very first cruise which was an ocean village ship. He was a smart chap but didn't want the black tie stuff so thought it would suit him. However upon embarking he found himself in shell suit city.

His next cruise was with P&O.

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Hello,a few years ago,before we got interested in cruising,my wife and I spent a very enjoyable hour or so sat on a bench in Palma watching what seemed like an endless number of coaches rushing passengers to and from Ocean Village.

It would never have appealed to me but I did enjoy watching the people that day.


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Yes I sailed on Ocean village one and two! Both times round the Med, have very fond memories of both, the friendly staff, hilarious comedians still some of the best I've seen at sea. The first time(and only time) I've ever experienced a twin cabin with bunk beds not a double!! Very romantic ;)

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