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Just imagine what the publicity would have been if the Doctor had agreed to the family's request and allowed the patient to stay on the ship and then she had died when on board. There would have been

Message from Forum Admin Dear all, we have posted a comment today on another thread as well as raising a new topic ourselves. In this post we state that whilst we encourage freedom of speech and open

Yes there are two sides to every story and all the assumptions are being made after only hearing one of them. In the first case not P&O but a qualified doctor made the decision to transfer the pat

Sorry wheels36 not sure what beggars your belief I was just giving my opinion which is my right to do and I was not rude in doing so. I am sure if SR thinks I was rude he will let me know.

It beggars belief that when someone has "signed off" (i.e. I am not posting anymore on this thread), a respected member has decided to leave the forum because of the trouble, and that Admin have stepped to call a halt, you should choose to continue the thread.

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I was replying to SR and I know nothing about any member leaving the group but as you have also decided to continue posting on this thread then maybe your comment should also be levelled at yourself.  

If a member has left the forum then that is sad but it has nothing to do with me and I resent you trying to tell me off like you would a child. I am an adult and if admin has any problem with what I say then it is down to them to discuss it with me.

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