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Reykjavik - Iceland

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Just returned form an amazing weekend away in Reykjavik.

Granted i did not go on a cruise but thought it might be handy for anyone visiting here on a cruise to know a bit about the place!


There is one main street in Reykjavik this is called Laugavegur, (this is technically in walking distance but I think most ships provide a bus to the central area) on here there are plenty of boutique shops selling all sort of Icelandic wears along with bespoke jewellry shops selling the famous Lava stone

I will warn you its not the cheapest place in the world! average cost for a lunch is around £30- 40 for 3 people however all the food in any restaurant is beautifully presented.  dont even think about drinking! Beers are £7 a pint and wine about £8-9 a glass. if you wants spirits its how long is a piece of string .... a double JD and coke came to £14 in one bar! needless to say i didnt get drunk that night!!!


you can eat a  little cheaper if you dont mind a hot dog stand or the lobster hut (lobster tails subs!) £2 - £6 per head


The main street leads down to the Old Harbour, if you want the best Lobster soup in the world go to 'SeaBaron' a quaint little cafe designed by fishermen, where you sit on barrels and dine on surfboards!


Round the Harbour is the Maritime Museum, worth a look round explaining the traditions of sea fishing through the ages in Reykjavik

also near here is the Viking Saga Museum, consisting of Life like models made out of wax!


right on the top of the hill in Reykjavik is the Church a stunning modern building overlooking the city. inside is a thousand pipe organ that is really impressive!


Reykjavik istself is quite small in the main touristy areas so your best thing to do here is go on a tour

There is only 1 tour company operating from Reykjavik called 'Iceland excursions/Grey line' before i went i booked my tours on their website and they were fab! so organised and will probably work out cheaper than doing the same thing from the ship?? (after all they will be using the same tour company as its the only one! lol) plus they are based on the main street in reykjavik!

their website is: www.icelandexcursions.is/


from the old harbour year round you can go whale watching departing everyday for around 3 hours at a time, this costs around £50 pp

they also provide in the summer months sea fishing and bike hire from the harbour ( dont know the cost as its was winter!)


There are loads of tours through iceland excursions ranging from extreme sports to gentle hikes and bus tours


I would certainly recommend the blue lagoon thermal outdoor spa! what an amazing experience being out in the cold but the water never drops below 37 degrees! the restaurant here is amazing too

the transfer from reykjavik is about 45 minutes and you wont need more than a couple of hours actually bathing, the day package including bathrobes, towels, slippers, free drink and lunch was around 92 euros pp but there are cheaper packages and entry fee starts from around 30 euros


I would also recommend the golden circle tour which takes you up to gullfoss falls. this was gorgeous even though there had been a foot of snow the day before! this was about £40 pp


If anyone has any questions please let me know ill do my best to answer them!


###pictures to follow!!!


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Guest Solent Richard

Thanks for the review Harley and congratulations on getting those pictures up.


I was in Reykjavik last June onboard Celebrity Infinity and covered most of the areas you mention.


Here's the view I got from the top of the Hallgrims Kirka Tower...



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