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Fourth Cruise.

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Hi all, this will be our fourth cruise, all of which have been different types, this time we fly to San Francisco on the 29th of April to celebrate our wedding anniversary there on the 1st of May. Our debate is although our luggage allowance lets my wife bring the kitchen sink what type of clothing should we take on to Alaska.

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Hi steve, I haven't done an Alaskan itinerary myself but my family members recently cruised with NCL to Alaska in September last year.  They were fortunate to get great weather while they were over there but definitely said you need to make sure you've got layers with you as although its great when the sun shines, the cold can still be quite biting so it's worth packing an extra few layers for the trip if you can squeeze them in.

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Hi Steve,


Sammy is right, layers are the key.  Lightweight fleeces are ideal but do make sure you have windproof and waterproof layers available to add as and when necessary.  We did a Princess cruise and land tour in late August/early September a few years ago.  Seeing the glaciers in early morning sun from the balcony was fantastic but I kept having to nip back into the cabin to add an extra layer of clothing until I felt comfortable.



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