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Love this show or hate it, i think its ok and light hearted Saturday night telly but 2 points to make from this weekends show


1) How Sheryl has the nerve to sit there judging the contestants sing live when she goes on stage and mimes, its riddiculous




2) John Legend was uber amazing, and i dont particulary like him if honest but uber good (and he sang live Sheryl)

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I used to like x-factor but it's especially CRAP this time! I've never heard such bad singing in the live finals.


Cheryl is s*@t at singing too! Does virtually the same dance on every one of her songs, she always seems nervous when Dermot interviews her afterwards.
And yes hturtle John Legend is amazing!! He's my new favourite :)

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At last people are finally realizing that singing out of tune prooves your useless!! I believe the answer to most artists like Ms Cole is that the sound engineers are so clever they can make even the worst of voices sound good. Best part of it I could give them a couple of friends that even with the best will in the world they couldnt make them tuneful!!!!!!!)  What do you think DOUGH-Head???

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