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Hi  There's so many great beaches in the world so it''s not any easy question to answer but of all the beaches I have visited I think The Baths at Virgin Gorda is something special for sunbathing in the Caribbean but I still enjoy a good walk on the beach in front of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland even on a cold winter's day.

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Guest Solent Richard

Well done Keith and Rita adding a photo.


Kind of adds a gloss to the thread.


So come on all you members.


We keep hearing about these beaches both on this thread and that other caribbean beach thread but there is little to show what they are really like.


My wife and i found an outstanding beach on the island of Mustique.


Yes, Mustique. We went on a ship's excursion while on an a P&O Arcadia Christmas and New Year cruise to the Caribbean.


And the beach?



Macaroni Beach...





This video doesn't quite do it justice because the weather isn't that good, but you'll get my drift...


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Guest Solent Richard

Just got back from the beautiful island of Rhodes, staying in Lindos, The beach there was so clean and the sea - you could walk out for miles (slight exaggeration) and it still wouldnt reach your armpits - simply idyllic smile.png


Hi Jerry.


We visited Lindos when we called at Rhodes on Azura. A great day out on DIY.


The beach as I captured it...







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Mayreau.  We went there with P&O in 2005 and 2006.  You have a fair walk over the hill to the other side of the isalnd but it is breathtaking.  There were no sunbeds, no hotels, no jet skis and only one little wooden shack selling drinks.  It was the perfect unspoilt beach i have ever been to.  The Whitsundays in Australia are also fabulous!

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One of mine was visiting my family at Christmas, the beach was on Lake Michigan at the bottom of their garden, the temperature was minus 20 F, we dug a hole in the ice and went ice fishing and the snow was around 3 feet deep. Absolutely brilliant.


On a warmer note, whilst I don't sun bathe, I still think that where we docked in St Maarten was a brilliant beach for its atmosphere. smile.png

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