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What's Your Favourite P&o Ship? And Why?

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Hi  P&O's Victoria/Sea Princess was my favourite ship in the fleet,   Of the current fleet, I can't recommend one; the product has fallen too low to give recommendations.

Oh dear!!  Not sure I can follow that but, here goes.


Our first taste of P&O was on Arcadia for a midnight sun cruise - loved it - and the passenger talent show has never been surpassed.  We have since been on Oriana (New Orleans), Oceana (Panama Canal), Azura (Caribbean), Adonia (Baltic) and Aurora (Eastern Seaboard and Canada).  Maybe we're not that hard to please but we enjoyed every single trip.  Yes, we've had superior cruise experiences - most notably on Silversea and more recently, Azamara but I would still be happy to recommend any of the P&O ships we've been on.  As for a favourite, Ali 05, well, that's a tricky one.  I guess Aurora might just have the edge for us because we love our ballroom dancing.  Outside of P&O, our most enjoyable cruise experience to date was on Azamara Journey.  Here's to the next time!!

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