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Boat Trips To Costa Concordia Wreck?

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I suppose in this day & age I should not be surprised by this.  Tourists are being offered boat tours to see the wreck of Costa Concordia as it is demolished in the Italian port of Genoa.
For €10 euros (£8) a head, visitors can board a boat which takes them within 200 yards of the cruise liner which capsized off the island of Giglio, killing 32 people,  in January 2012.  The hour-long tours, leave Genoa's old harbor every afternoon.

Personally I can’t imagine ever wanting to do this but apparently this is proving a popular tour.

My thoughts still go out to the passengers & crew that where on board when this tragedy struck.


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Hi  I have myself vistited Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland (I don't think you can get a more profound or horriifc loss of life).  I certainly didn't find the trip uplifting but felt a sad loss but hoped that the world would have lost it's appettite for ethnic cleansing (unfortunately this isn't so).  I see no reason why those people who inspect the wreckage shouldn't do so if they pay their respects to those who perished.

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For me it is as fascinating a feat of engineering taking it apart as when a ship is launched. In the same way I have seen films of planes being scrapped and the manxman being taken apart in the north east.


The loss of life was tragic but why shouldn't we see what have been an amazing achievement lifting the hulk and now moving onto the next stage.

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